PICO chocolate

Pico makes vegan, certified organic & ethically sourced premium fair trade chocolate. Their& chocolate is the result of hard work, patience & dedication. Their Swiss chocolatiers source cacao from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic & Peru to create a decadent, rich & seriously velvety chocolate base.


Salted Caramel – Cocoa solids, Organic sugar, caramel pieces, sea salt

Coconut Milk – Cocoa solids, Organic sugar, Coconut flakes, Coconut milk powder, Vanilla Pods

Mint Crisp – Cocoa solids, Organic sugar, Peppermint Crisp, Vanilla Pods

Hazlenut Milk – Cocoa solids, Hazlenut pieces, Ground Hazlenut, Inulin, Vanilla pods


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Salted Caramel $9.50, Coconut Milk $9.50, Mint Crisp $9.50, Hazlenut Milk $9.50