Hayley Bensemon Natural & Ethical Skincare


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Hayley Bensemon has mindfully produced a Luscious & Invigorating skincare range. Hayley’s plant-based, Vegan & Cruelty-free formulas will Hydrate your skin & leave you feeling refreshed whilst smelling divine!

Rosy Glow Face Cream 

Thick & Luscious Day Cream, A mixture of Rose infused water & a blend of essential oils

Pink Delight Clay Mask

Soothing Organic Aloe Vera & NZ Freeze-dried raspberries for a delicious face mask treat

Golden Dew Drops Serum

An amazing mix of beautiful natural oils that will moisturise & transform your skin

Panda Eyes- Eye Make Remover

A rich buttery cream that will remove all types of eye makeup and leave you moisturised. Great for sensitive skin!

Vanilla Nut Lip balm

A velvety smooth vanilla balm that smells amazing!

Insect Repellent

An effective repellent balm using natures time tested oils – no DEET!

Lavender Deodorant

A pleasant smelling, natural deodorant that works effectively

Mask Brush

A satiny smooth bristled brush to help apply your HB face masks!



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Rosy Glow Luscious Face Cream 60ml $36.50, Pink Delight Clay Mask 60ml $30.00, Golden Dew Drops-Serum 25ml $28.50, Panda Eyes-Eye Makeup Remover 30ml $24.50, Insect Repellent 60ml $21.50, Vanilla Nut Lip Balm 10ml $10.00, Mask Brush $12.50, Lavender Deodorant $24.50