Ethos Natural & Ethical Skin Care

Ethos are creating a massive impact on the world as well as making a beautiful 100% synthetic-free, plant derived product for our skin.

100% of Ethos profits goes to sustainable development of poor communities in Kampot and growing Ethos so they can provide more support to the villagers and help better their livelihoods.

Each ingredient has an EWG rating of one (the safest for skin and the waterways).

Glass packaging is used for infinite recyclability and purity.

300ml Light body moisturiser – Lime blossom, palmarosa & Green Coffee

Inspired by Cambodia’s fragrant citrus groves, this light moisturiser is scented with the citrusy notes of lime blossom.

300ml Rich Body Moisturiser – Bergamot, Ginger & Vetiver

Inspired by the calm oasis of Silk Island on the Mekong River, best known for its silk weaving but also locally for its aromatic fresh ginger. Fragranced with the earthy, spicy notes of ginger & vetiver.

100ml Ethical Virgin Coconut Oil

Polyphenol-Rich Skin Repair. Coconut oil is an effective skin hydrator, it contains antimicrobial fatty acids, and its plant active polyphenols have skin regenerating properties. This rare, silky-smooth virgin coconut oil is hand-made in the traditional way from fresh coconut milk.



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300ml Lime blossom, palmarosa & Green Coffee light body moisturiser $39.95, 300ml Bergamot, Ginger & Vetiver Rich Body Moisturiser $39.95, 100ml Ethical Virgin Coconut Oil $14.95