Ciao amici,

My name is Dee, I’m the florist behind Sundays child, I work out of my home studio in New Plymouth central & currently have a popup store of gifts available on the main road of Inglewood with the amazing Little Liberty Creamery. I love nothing more than to become completely lost in sculpting wild & wondrous florals for people. From the little cutesies to the majestic!

My work is inspired by nature & its beauty & I support the planet in every way possible, using compostable wet wraps for keeping flowers in water while they wait to greet you at your doorstep. I use compostable, recyclable & reusable packaging & wet wraps for keeping flowers watered which are made with compostable bags made by the amazing Better Packaging co.

I view flowers as not only a luxury item but also helpful in self care. Flowers are great for having a positive effect on our mood, leaving us feeling uplifted & relaxed. I love giving & watching the effect flowers have on people. We all know self care is so important in our modern day “busy” lifestyles, which brings us to….

The name…Sundays Child is really a homage to slowing down, looking after ourselves & enjoying life! The love of Sundays, often the day of the week we appreciate family, go for long strolls, lie in bed all day & remain present which is so essential! We value chillin out!! It’s also a homage to the infamous “Sunday pasta”, growing up with strong Italian roots, I always looked forward to Sunday night when we would gather together for a family meal of Mums traditional Sicilian pasta, often having visitors “accidently” stop by at dinnertime to enjoy this meal with us, its a pinnacle part of who we are as a family.  I try & incorporate that feeling into everyday life & into my flower arranging, passing on little bits of self care… from me to you…



“To wander in the fields of flowers, pull the thorns from your heart”